Customer Engagement Software by Amplify


UpLift CES is a SaaS suite of software developed by Amplify to empower organizations to build lasting customer relationships with key CRM features to:

  • Improve business communications
  • Track all critical customer interactions
  • Communicate with customers across all social, email, text, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and email channels
  • Create personalized customer communications journeys with powerful marketing tools
  • Track employee activities and coordinate communications
  • Report and dashboard key metrics for better decision making
  • Integrate via easy to use API’s to your other existing business systems

Key Software Highlights

  • Omni Channel Customer Support Center
  • Account and Contact Management
  • List, Group and Customer Segment Management
  • Advanced User Roles and Permissions
  • Customer Portal Access to Key Sharable Data
  • Calendar, Task, Reminder and Event Tracking
  • Mass Texting, Email and WhatsApp Communications
  • Dashboards and Reporting
  • Export Data and Lists